Women Empowerment

Some of these brave women are recovering from breast cancer or other illness and are on their journey of healing. For others, it may be shared stories of physical and mental trauma, surviving financially as a single Mom or moving to a strange country with the faith that it will provide stability and opportunity for her children.

By reading about their journeys and seeing the images of the brave women that I have come to know, you will see them and know them for the powerful women that they are.

I love what I do. I take pride in capturing those special moments in the lives of individuals and families, knowing that looking back at these memories are what sustain us in times of challenge.

I am embarking on a project involving women, with the intention of empowering them through my photography.

Over the next while I plan to feature women on my page and my website whose stories moved me. I hope they move and inspire you as well. I will be sharing stories of women in business and helping them with their branding, as well as women who are learning to embrace their sexuality and practice self-love.