A Toronto based empowering branding photographer who captures all the things that make you, you.

Welcome to my virtual home! I'm Azita, and I specialize in helping individuals and brands rediscover their love for life and capture the enchanting moments that define their unique stories. Through my lens, I focus on the art of capturing authentic brand moments, even if you've never felt at ease in front of the camera. My goal is to reveal your genuine passion and authenticity that make your brand truly exceptional. Let's work together to create brand photography that captures the essence of your story and leaves a lasting impact.

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"I’ve lost 6lbs already and we’ve only had 2 sessions! My uniform is fitting better. I am motivated to continue doing what I’ve been doing, so I can see more progress. I’ve also stopped drinking! When I get the urge to drink, instead of grabbing a drink, I ask myself why. Why do I want to drink? Is it out of boredom or frustration? I realize why I want to drink and I’m able to talk myself through it. Even though the world is chaotic, I now have way more control of myself in all of the chaos. I have found peace of mind even with everything going on around me. I am so happy with my progress and excited to learn more!"

- Georgianna

In the realm of brand photography, authenticity is key. The best brand photos aren't stiff and posed; they're candid and genuine. Drawing from my own desire for authentic photos on my wedding day (which I missed out on), I understand the importance of capturing the real you in big moments. My brand photography follows a journalistic style, documenting emotion and passion as they naturally unfold. The more authentic you are in front of the camera, the better I can showcase the true essence of your brand. It's all about having fun, laughing, and being yourself, which allows me to capture the real you in every shot.

My clients trust in my ability to bring out their brand's authenticity in front of the lens, fostering a sense of comfort and confidence. I'm the photographer who not only takes stunning brand photos but also highlights your brand's genuine spirit. Your authenticity shines through my lens, creating brand photos that you feel proud to share.

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I'm Azita Ziaei and I'm the photographer who believes in capturing life's most connected moments with total authenticity. My magic? I make being in front of the camera feel effortless so your photos look natural and capture the essence of you and your brand.

Azita Ziaei

"Most amazing experience with this business, not to mention the quality of the pictures and the price. Azita is a beautiful person that connects with people. I recommend to contact studiospec, you wont regret it."

- Hodaya M.

“Azita is a passionate photographer with creative ideas. We have been doing photography sessions with her for a few years and no session has been the same. She always considers our family and designs something that makes us happy. My kids always enjoy the session and look forward to the next one. She is professional, creative, kind, and considerate.”

- Katayoon B.

“I have done a few sessions at Studio Spec so far. A couple of family sessions, professional headshots, our anniversary and birthday parties. Overall, I am very happy with my photos. Also the owner, Azita, has a great personality and is very fun. She is very creative and patient. I highly recommend her studio.”

- Yasaman J. M.

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If you know me, you know that I love to have a good time. That's what I love about photography – working with incredible people and bringing out the joy and connection in each moment.

that I love

I love dancing, good food, listening to music, uplifting conversation and socializing with friends who know how to enjoy life. I enjoy interior design and funky hairstyles. I am young at heart and enjoy connecting with younger crowds.

I love empowering women! As an immigrant and a woman who spent a lot of time hiding in her own shell, it's my mission in life to support women in their journey to embracing their power, confidence, and joy in life.

I love people! I believe that everyone has a story to share. You can find me interviewing and sharing the stories of men and women in business and supporting them with their branding, as well as women who are learning to embrace their sexuality and practice self-love.

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